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Temecula Business Formation Lawyer | Daniel Cooper

Temecula Business Formation Attorney Daniel Cooper helps entrepreneurial clients establish new business ventures. With nearly 40 years of experience, he provides skilled legal guidance throughout the business formation process and for all related legal matters.Temecula Business Formation Lawyer Daniel Cooper

Business Formation Lawyer Daniel J. Cooper serves clients in Temecula and in communities across Southern California. With knowledge gained as a highly qualified Tax Attorney, Mr. Cooper helps educate each client on the most advantageous business entity for their particular type of company.

Call the Law Offices of Daniel Cooper at 951-676-1896 and arrange for a comprehensive consultation with our experienced Temecula Tax Attorney and Business Formation Lawyer.

Business Formation Attorney Services in Temecula

With decades of experience handling a wide range of legal issues for a large and diverse group of clients, Business Formation Lawyer Cooper handles all of the legal needs involved with the formation of a new business.

When a new company is being established, there are numerous factors to consider. The skills of a highly knowledgeable Temecula Business Formation Attorney are necessary to ensure procedures are within the guidelines of the law. Mr. Cooper helps entrepreneurs choose the business entity which best fits the needs of the new business. Whether it is a corporation, closely held corporation, general partnership, limited liability partnership, or limited liability company, Temecula Business Formation Lawyer Daniel Cooper will help you explore the advantages and disadvantages of each business entity.

In addition, Mr. Cooper has an unparalleled depth of knowledge as a Temecula Tax Lawyer. He can assist you in forming your business with the least tax obligations possible while following local, state, and federal tax guidelines.

Corporate Filings, Compliance, Maintenance, and Dissolution

In order to keep your new business in compliance with the California Corporation Code, there are several obligations which must be met. Temecula Business Formation Lawyer Daniel J. Cooper assists with the drafting and filing of all required paperwork, including information statements, partnership agreements, articles of incorporation, closely held corporation agreements, and annual government reports.

Business Formation Attorney Cooper also encourages business owners to include a clause into the business formation documents which plan for the dissolution of the business. While no new business owner is looking for this scenario to play out soon, Mr. Cooper has found this clause invaluable for business owners looking to avoid or prevail in the event of future litigation should the business close.

Contact an Experienced Temecula Business Formation Attorney

Are you thinking about opening a new business? Call the Law Offices of Daniel J. Cooper for experienced representation in all business formation matters. We can be reached at 951-676-1896, or you may contact us online by completing our Business Formation Case Evaluation Form. We will contact you to discuss your situation and the ways Temecula Business Formation Attorney Daniel Cooper can help with establishing your new company.